founders of
Xhale Massage + Relaxation.

Hi! We’re Jennifer and Nicole,

5 years ago, we started thinking about everything we loved and needed to help us enjoy life…and we wanted to create a place for YOU that included all these things!

We both knew and experienced the importance of self-care and the benefits of yoga and massage. We also wanted to build a supportive community when it comes to self-care. You need a welcoming, nonjudgmental, inclusive environment to practice self-care without feeling self-conscious.

We’ve worked hard to assemble an incredible team of caring, nurturing professionals who’ll give you the best in wellness service.

You don’t need to be a yoga pro or have the latest trendy gear to enjoy our classes. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never had a massage or have been getting them for years.

You’ll find a welcoming, inclusive space to host a relaxing spa day or celebrate a special event with friends.

When you step into our studio, you’ll know you belong. 

of diverse people that care about and support each other in their journeys toward better physical and mental health.

Come experience true, whole-body wellness with our community! Whether you need yoga, massage, skin care, all-around relaxation, or need to wow someone with a special event, we can’t wait to help you.

Xhale and Be Well!

See you soon,

You’ll discover an amazing community

"Relaxing, professional, clean. Pure zen." 
~ Rita V.

"I think that Xhale Massage and Relaxation has a lot of nice yoga teachers and a lot of nice massage therapists as well."    ~ Pellegrino D. .

The Xhale Backstory:

Over a decade ago, Nicole registered her car with a new pink vanity license plate that spelled XHALE – as a personal reminder to breathe, relax, and move on through a challenging time in her life. Xhale became the name of her private massage practice in Maine and a personal mantra.

Everything fell into place as they found the perfect inviting space to open the Xhale Studio and filled it with their favorite things.

Years later, Nicole met Jennifer, and they supported each other through many ups and downs personally, athletically, and professionally. 

We’d love to share those things

Come and experience our personal touch to all things self-care at Xhale!

with You!




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